Introducing Heatmaps

Now available on iPhone and Android

Today, we're excited to announce that the latest iPhone version is now available in the App Store! It has some big updates, including the Driver Heatmap and Chat 2.0. Update: Heatmaps are now on the Android app too

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Here's a summary of the big updates, and why you should download the latest version now:

  • Supports tagging for your trips. You can tag your trips for Uber, Lyft and more
  • There's improved design for the mileage summary to see your mileage and trip history
  • There's Chat 2.0, which now supports regional chats, trending feeds and the ability to mention other drivers. Enjoy the real time communication fun!
  • The driver heat map. Now you can view the real time or historic driving heat map in your city to make better decisions. Invite other drivers to make it more accurate.
  • And more!

We'll be diving deep on some of these features and the response from our driver community soon, but for now, go check it out yourself!

Here's what the heatmap looked like in 10 cities this past Monday afternoon. Tell others in your city to join you! Share the app.

Introducing Heatmaps in 10 cities


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