Getting Started

Why do I need SherpaShare?

SherpaShare is geared toward helping independent workers and self-employed workers, as the unbiased and independent worker industry leader. Our service and apps help workers work smarter and earn more. Around hundreds thousands independent workers are already using SherpaShare services across the US and around the world. If you want to find out about independent work as a future or existing independent worker, SherpaShare can help you.

How do I get started?

Create an account and begin your free trial to use our services.

Our SherpaShare app (App Store or Google Play) helps you track all of your mileage, expenses, and earnings. If you do any independent work, you know you can save thousands of dollars during tax time with a business mileage log. Our app automates this and is IRS compliant. According to the NYTimes, our App is "An app that helps drivers earn the most from their trips!".

Our App also helps you navigate to more work opportunities to help you earn more money, chat with other drivers in real time, the only service to provide this.

If you like more advanced chat feature inside our main app, you can download our Pulse App (App Store or Google Play). Pulse helps you connect and communicate with other workers, share information and get questions answered. You can also form groups, build your profile, and more. According to Fast Company, our Pulse App is "A place for non-employees to meet co-workers".

What do I need to download?

We do strongly recommend you download both our SherpaShare and Pulse apps onto your phone. You can create an account on our website or on either of our apps - it is up to you. Your same email and password will be used to login. The website gives your a more detailed dashboard of your finances, as well as provide useful links, to our community, blog, and other support services. If you forget your password you can reset it here.

What if I am not working yet?

We recommend you use our community to learn about independent work on SherpaShare Pulse or read our blog. In addition, you should join SherpaShare to get access to special offers and work opportunities exclusive to our community.

Do I need to pay to become a Member?

Yes. Every new user will get a free trial to try out our services, website, and apps. After the trial expires you'll need to become a member to continue using our services. See details under What is the SherpaShare Membership?

We recommend you use our community to learn about independent work on SherpaShare Pulse or read our blog. In addition, you should join SherpaShare to get access to special offers and work opportunities exclusive to our community.

Are both apps completely free?

You can download both apps for free and use them for free for a trial period, but to get continued access you will need to upgrade to our Premium membership! See details under What is the SherpaShare Premium membership?


SherpaShare tracking is a suite of tools to track your mileage, expense and earnings. You use our main app to track and our web dashboard to manage further. With SherpaShare Tracking, you can maximize your tax saving and have better understanding your income status from different services.


How do I track mileage automatically?

After you download the SherpaShare Tracker App (App Store or Google Play) and login or signup, you will need to accept location permissions. This is required for tracking to work. Once you do that, the app will say "Mileage Tracking ON". Go ahead and take a trip. During the trip, you should see a in-trip icon on the app's mileage page showing you that your trip is being tracked.

What if my trips didn't track?

Our app uses advanced technology to detect when you're driving and logs the route in the app. It's our magic, but sometimes the magic can take several minutes or more to appear after you're done driving. If you've waited over an hour for trips, you may want to double check that your mileage tracking is "ON" in the Settings of the app. If it's still not showing up but it was ON, we do recommend you wait a bit longer as sometimes there are delays. If it still doesn't appear, you can send us a note from the Settings under "Missing trips?"

What if I want to manually add mileage?

You can do this on the website dashboard, just click Mileage button at the bottom of the page. This is a good option if your Tracker was off for some reason and you need to go back and add in mileage information.

What if I want to manually start or end a trip?

You cannot manually start a trip at the moment, however you can end a trip if you wish. For example, if you are switching out of driver mode and you want to make sure to end your "Business" mileage, there is an "End Trip" button on the app's mileage screen. This will end the current trip, and if you are still driving, it will begin a new trip shortly.

How do I label or categorize my mileage?

In the app, when you see your trips you can quickly swipe left and right to label them as personal or business. You can also tap the button to select a pre-defined label such as "Uber driving" or "private client". By default there are several labels to choose from, but you can customize them to whatever you want.

Here is the tutorial video how to categorize your trips in the app:

  • SWIPE left or right to categorize as Personal or Work.
  • TAP/CLICK the trip card to categorize with sub-types.
  • TAP/CLICK the trash icon on the trip card to delete the trip.
  • CLICK the undo button to undo the previous categorization.

Where can I edit, export, or see information about past trips?

On the website dashboard. Login to your account and you'll be able to add trips, re-label trips, see maps of past trips, export trips, see analytics, and more.


How do I add expenses?

On the Tracker App (App Store or Google Play), you can manually add expenses. You can add in an expense and choose or create a label to use. Plus, you can add a photo of your receipts too. You can see a record of all of these added expenses on the website, where you can also add in expenses.


How do I add earnings?

On the website dashboard, you can automatically or manually add earnings so you can have a better picture of what your net earnings are for your independent work. On the Settings page, we currently have a bank integration option, which allows you to add a bank account and have your independent work earnings show up on your dashboard. After you securely link your bank account, check back in a few minutes.

What if my work earnings don't show up?

Currently we automatically detect earnings from several services including Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates and more. If for some reason your independent work earnings aren't detected, please email us and let us know what service you would like added.

What if my bank isn't listed?

We use a third-party for our bank integration which supports several banks but may not support smaller banks, such as local credit unions. If your bank isn't listed, please email us so we can look into it. In the meantime, we recommend that you: 1. Manually add earnings on the website dashboard by clicking "Add Earnings" at the bottom of the page and 2. Use our Tracker app to track your mileage and expenses.


SherpaShare Work is a suite of tools specifically designed for ridesharing drivers to drive smarter and earn more. It includes real-time driver heatmap, hotspots, analytics and exclusive specials. You can get valuable real time information to out-smart the market.

What is Jack's Compass?

Jack's compass which is a navigation feature that helps you find more passenger requests. The algorithm determines the optimal route and destination to drive in based on your history and city pattern, whether you’re starting your rideshar driving shift or between rides. It also supports Uber drivers for now.

What is Heatmap?

Heatmap shows you the real time pulse of the industry, where are the demand and supply and how it changes every day. Use it properly, you will gain insight how to drive smarter and change your working tactic to significantly boost your earnings.

What is Hotspot?

Hotspots shows you the popular venues near your current location and incoming events so you can plan your work ahead. We also offer real time hotspots right now and in the following hours to maximize your earnings.

What is Special?

Another major reason you shall become SherpaShare member. Our Special feature will bring you exclusives you cannot get elsewhere, including discounts, promotions, new working opportunities, freebie etc. The specials will be pushed to Premium members only.


What are the differences between the Pulse app and Pulse website?

We do have a webpage dedicated to the feeds on Pulse however this is for reading or replying to posts only. In order to make a new post, search old posts, start or join groups, see profiles, and much more, you'll need the Pulse app. So please go ahead and download the SherpaShare Pulse app (App Store or Google Play).


I want to help grow the community. What's your referral program?

If you tell someone about SherpaShare we recommend giving them your referral code or referral link. You can find this under the Settings tab in the app. The reason for this: From time to time we give out prizes, honors, and thank yous to top referrers and we want to be sure you get credit. Sometimes new users will get perks if they are referred by someone as well. And last but not least, we have paid referral campaigns too if someone uses your link and then becomes a SherpaShare Member, you can get paid. You can find out more details here.


What is the SherpaShare Membership?

Welcome to the new SherpaShare Membership program! As a new user you’ll get a free trial period to use SherpaShare, before upgrading to become a member. As a member, you get unlimited access to all SherpaShare service including mileage and expense tracking, unlimited reports, priority customer support, the work suite, and full access to the independent worker community.

How much is the Membership?

Membership is based on a monthly or annual subscription. Currently the regular membership price is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. You can become a member anytime during your free trial or afterwords on the website dashboard or on the Tracker App. On the website, click the Become A Member button at the top of the mileage page. On the app, go to Settings to find the Membership options.

Why should I consider becoming a member?

SherpaShare is the #1 support platform for independent workers for a reason. Each mile and expense tracked can end up saving you thousands of dollars during tax seasion. Staying organized and learning from other workers like you is critical to earning more money. And SherpaShare is the only company that allows you to navigate to areas with high demand. Plus, did we mention the monthly and yearly membership fees are both tax deductible?

How do I update my credit card information on SherpaShare?

You can now update your credit card information on the website when you are logged into your dashboard.

How do I cancel my SherpaShare Membership?

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Please get in touch with us anytime if there's anything we can do to help out by emailing us at We realize your life as an independent worker can change often, and we want to be there for you, whenever you need us the most.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your subscription, please email us at with the subject Cancellation. We will cancel your subscription renewal.

If you purchased the membership via in-app purchase from our iOS app, you need to cancel it yourself: on your iOS device, click Settings > iTune & App Store > Login and click your account > Subscription. You should find SherpaShare there. You can cancel it there. Here is the step-by-step guidance.

For monthly plan, you need to cancel it 24 hours before the auto renewal. For our annual or semi-annual plan, if you purchase within the last 7 days, you will get a full refund if you are not happy with the service, otherwise, we will do partial refund based on the scenario.


I have more questions for you!

Great, we are more than happy to help. We highly recommend you search our blog for more help information first or ask your question on our SherpaShare Pulse app. These are the fastest ways to get general questions answered.

For anything specific to your account, please email us. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. We look forward to helping you!