Driver Stories

We’ve talked to hundreds of on-demand drivers and deliverers. We’ve heard about their vulnerabilities, uncertainties, and questions. Here are some of their stories.

Meet Phil

Lyft and Uber driver in Chicago

Phil had little understanding of his weekly net income

Phil is a part-time driver for Lyft and Uber in Chicago who’s enjoyed his new driving opportunities. However, with continual pricing changes, competition, and a lack of personal mileage tracking, he had a poor sense of how much money he was actually making. He would hit the road without a clear picture of how he did the previous week or how his driving history could inform how much he should drive during the week ahead. He didn’t compare his expenses to his earnings.

“I now have valuable information that allows me to offset the expenses I wasn’t paying attention to before. My earnings and expenses are all in one place — automatically.”

Phil started to use SherpaShare to sync all of his driving earnings and expenses in one place. Whether he’s figuring out how many hours to work, which platforms to prioritize, or what his total expenses are at tax time, Phil’s glad to have more info.


Meet Deborah

Photographer, Uber Driver in Chicago

She was stressed about juggling multiple services

Deborah is a driver in Cincinnati, and like many others, she drives for more than one platform — in her case, Lyft and Uber. In fact, most of the drivers on SherpaShare use more than one platform. Our recent independent survey also found 2/3 of respondents earning income from more two or more on-demand services.

“I will add any platform that comes to Cinci because I’m addicated to being self-employed. SherpaShare is all I need and more.”

Deborah’s been using SherpaShare to help separate her earnings and driving mileage. She’s been able to track all of her earnings from Lyft and Uber and understand her earnings by day of the week and by platform.


Meet Kevin

Journalist, Lyft Driver in Denvor

He has an income goal that’s increasingly tough to meet.

Kevin’s a driver in Denver. He started out looking for a steady income so he could meet his financial obligations while working on getting other businesses up and running. Uber came along at the right time for him, and until recently, he was able to count on a certain schedule to make the money he needed.

Now Kevin’s trying to figure out how to reach his top line income goal while also accounting for rising gas prices.

He uses SherpaShare to track weekly driving income, get insight into the best times to drive in Denver, and see how he’s doing relative to the others in his city.


Today, we’re helping thousands of others like Phil, Deborah, Kevin, and Grace be smarter drivers.

Juggling services? Check. Top line earnings goal? Check. Good times to drive locally? Check. Better expense tracking? Check.

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