How Much Do Uber Drivers Earn?

We love providing insight into this question, and have provide various reports on driver earnings over the past 2 years. Recently, we provided a look at on-demand earnings by demographic. Below shows previously unreleased data based on that on-demand demographic report from October 2015. Enjoy!

How much do Uber drivers earn?

The below chart shows a distribution of weekly earnings of Uber drivers who participated in our October survey. The chart only shows drivers who exclusively drive for Uber.

Uber Weekly Gross Earnings Distribution

The y axis is the number of drivers who reported earning, on a weekly basis, within the range plotted on the x axis. As you can see, the average weekly earnings is skewed quite low. The 50th percentile of earnings is $250 per week.

Another way to put it is this. If you earn $125 per week, you're already higher than 25% of surveyed drivers. If you earned $450 per week you're higher than 75% of drivers. And if you earned $845 per week, you're higher than 95% of drivers.

How much do Uber drivers earn by city

On SherpaShare we breakdown earnings at the city level. If you want to see what you can expect in your city, how you compare to averages, or how you rank compared to others, you can visit our City Metrics page. (Full disclosure: You'll need to create a free SherpaShare account and then select your city in order to view).

Visit SherpaShare City Metrics to see where you stand

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