63% of on-demand workers consider themselves independent contractors

*June 20 Update: New Survey Results and Comments: "Do you agree with the California ruling that Uber drivers should be employees?"

This morning a landmark ruling by a California judge found that an Uber driver should be considered an employee, potentially setting a precedent for all Uber drivers in California. Uber is appealing.

Meanwhile, SherpaShare got the pulse directly from on-demand drivers, having surveyed 201 on-demand workers between June 4-8. Here are the key findings and full report.

63% of on-demand workers consider themselves independent contractors

Nearly 2/3rds of workers considered themselves independent contractors when asked if they considered themselves “an independent contractor or employee?” Only 2 selected ‘Other’ with one saying they were both an IC and an employee, and the other suggesting a new third option.

63% Uber Lyft drivers independent contractor

86% of workers surveyed were Uber or Lyft drivers, or both.

The majority ­ 86% ­ selected working either for Uber or Lyft (includes multi­platform usage). Of the rest, 20 worked only for Postmates, 6 for Sidecar, and 1 for Instacart.

86% respondents Uber Lyft drivers

72% of Lyft only workers were pro independent contractor

69% of drivers that only worked for Uber, and 72% of drivers that only worked for Lyft, considered themselves independent contractors. Those are both higher than the survey’s overall IC preference of 63%.

72% Lyft drivers pro independent contractor

Here are the full survey results, feel free to share the news or give SherpaShare a try

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